What is Colour Ya World?

It’s 5km of awesome fun!

An event for everyone!

COLOUR YA WORLD is a 5km fun run that is suitable for any age group or fitness level. Walk, skip, run, jump your way through an explosion of colour.

The distance of the COLOUR YA WORLD course varies between events.

Who can participate?

 Anyone from the age of 2 to 102 can be part of Colour Ya World.

This event is disability friendly, with easy access to the start and finish line. There are no steps. However, the 2023 in Buchan has a mixture of made roads, gravel and grass.

Can I walk if I want?

Yes you can. This is not a timed event so you can take it at your own pace. Of course, leave some energy for a victory dance at the finish line!

What do I get?

The 2023 event is free! But, please make sure you register! Every entrant receives an awesome fun day out filled with colour, and a 3km run or walk with a DJ dance party at the end.

Plain white T shirts, event T shirts and headbands can be purchased on the day. Please note that we can not guarantee size availability for your purchase.

Is the Colour Safe?

The amazing colour clouds in Colour Ya World are made from food grade cornstarch so it’s natural, non-toxic,  and safe for person and planet! It may cause a slight irritation to skin and eyes and mouth for those with sentitive skin. Feel free to bring sunnies and a cap and your trusty face-mask to cover up.

More info here!
What is the colour stuff made from?

It is made from food grade cornstarch so it is safe and natural. All the powder is non-toxic, and conforms to the European Standard (EN71-3). It may cause slight skin, eye or mouth irritation for those with sensitive skin. Many participants bring or buy our bandanas to help keep inhalation of the color to a minimum.

Can I walk the course?

Yes. Many people walk the 3km course in about an hour. We do ask that you head to the back of the start line so the fast runners can lead the pack.

What is your refund policy?

This year, the event is free! Please register your participation so that we can keep in correspondence about the event.

For regular events; if an event is cancelled without a reschedule, refunds will be issued.

Full refunds will also be issued in the case that the event cannot proceed due to a change in COVID-19 restrictions.

In all other cases, we have a no refund or transfer policy, which is agreed upon when registering.

Will the colour ruin my clothes?

Although it will probably wash out fairly well, we’re still going to say yes. It’s better safe than sorry. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting coloured in. We recommend wearing an awesome white shirt to show the color at its most vibrant! There will be white T-shirts available for sale should you forget to do so.

Can I register a child in the event?

Yes, you can. The 2023 event is free!

Children 5 and under are free to enter the event, but they will need to be registered online through our site. For insurance purposes  and other event related items, the number of children must also be considered. This is why all children MUST be registered. 

Is this a Charity or Fundraising Event?

COLOUR YA WORLD is brought to you by the Apex Club of Bairnsdale. The Apex Club of Bairnsdale is a not for profit incorporated association and a registered charity. We are focused on the wellbeing of our community of East Gippsland. Money raised from the merchandise sales of each Colour Ya World event will be utilised by the club to fund community projects and organisations.


Will the colour stain my hair and skin?

In our experience, if you have very light coloured blonde hair, some of the colours can be difficult to remove. Our advice if you have blonde hair is to put conditioner through your hair to prevent the powder from sticking, and wear a cap on the day.

The coloured powder on your skin should easily be removed in the bath. If you are concerned about the powders staining your skin, please wear sunscreen to add a protective layer before the race.