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COLOUR YA WORLD is owned and operated by the Apex Club of Bairnsdale. Apex Australia is a vibrant and energetic volunteer service organisation focused on harnessing the ideas, ideals and intelligence of younger Australians aged 18 and over. We are an authentic Australian icon – established in 1931 and going strong. We have helped more than 200,000 younger Australians make a difference to their community, learn valued skills and make great friends. The Apex story is one of fun, fellowship and friendship. We offer you the opportunity to give others a fair go, practical help and positive role models to reach their own potential. 

2023 Colour Ya World- Buchan!

The 2023 Colour Ya World Buchan Event is make possible through grants from the East Gippsland Community Foundation. Please consider supporting their work.


The 2022 Colour Ya World Event has been made possible through an Apex Foundation mental health grant.

The Apex foundation is a trustee for funds raised as a result of National Service Schemes undertaken by the Apex Association. It is a volunteer organisation proudly serving the Australian community for 90 years.



The Apex Club of Bairnsdale is delighted to bring you the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Colour Ya World Events.  The club is a not-for-profit group. We love volunteering in our community, and hosting community events. If you are interested in volunteering with us, don’t hold back. Join in! cool